Social Responsibility

Simon Carves strives to protect the environments in which we operate.

For our employees and the communities we work in this means a commitment to creating opportunities for self-improvement and professional development but it also means planning for a sustainable future by committing ourselves to giving more than we take.

‘Green Team’

Our understanding of the changing nature of the energy business and the growing importance of renewable feedstocks has led to our investment of time and energy into assisting the research and development of renewable forms of energy.

Working in support of the ambitious EU target, which requires 20 per cent of the total energy supply within member countries to come from renewable energy sources by 2020, Simon Carves has been pioneering the engineering of Biomass CHP Plants. We recently worked on creating the UK’s first large-scale wood-to-energy plant which utilises 40% recycled timber feedstock and saves 200,000 tonnes of Carbon Dioxide per year compared to the equivalent fossil-fuel power station. We also helped engineer the world’s largest wheat-based bioethanol plant which produces 400 million litres of bioethanol per year.

Moreover, we are working to identify development companies – such as small start-ups or university spin outs – with great ideas for renewable forms of energy, but limited knowledge of taking the idea to a commercial scale. By assisting with the scale up of these emergent technologies, Simon Carves aims to be pivotal in engineering a sustainable future.


Simon Carves is proud of our local heritage and each year we try to give something back to the community by supporting local charities and sponsoring selected events.

For the past three years we have sponsored the Macclesfield Half Marathon which raises money for charities within the local community.

We also proudly sponsor the IChemE Research Project of the Year Award which recognizes projects and process which best demonstrate a chemical engineering solution to improve resource efficiency, lifetime value and/or process optimisation. Whilst it is very important to search for new, renewable resources, it is also vital to maximise the effectiveness of what we already have and utilise.

Apprentice scheme

For over 60 years Simon Carves’ Apprentice Training Program has provided opportunities for talented apprentices to join our structured training program; equipping Apprentices with the skills necessary to set them up for great careers in the industry.

This hands-on, experience driven program provides fantastic training, mentoring, and support throughout the four year program and beyond. With higher education becoming increasingly expensive, we feel we owe it to our community to provide equal opportunities for all by sponsoring our apprentices through their college education.


The Energy Savings Opportunity Scheme (ESOS) is a mandatory energy assessment and energy identification scheme for all large businesses in the UK. From December 2015 large businesses in the UK were required to conduct an energy audit measuring their total energy consumption and to evaluate ways to improve their energy usage. Compliance with Energy Audits must be updated every 5 years, and require approval from a registers Lead Assessor.

Simon Carves provides Lead Assessor support to assist our clients with the completion of their ESOS Assessments. The Role of the Lead Assessor includes; measuring total energy consumption, identifying areas of significant energy consumption, and conducting the ESOS Energy Audit.