Renewable Energy and Chemicals

In view of the increasing importance of renewables as a green and clean fuel for the future, Simon Carves seeks to position itself as a leading contractor for engineering services in renewables, drawing upon our experience and capability in process design.

Designed world’s largest wheat-based bioethanol plant
We have delivered the world’s largest wheat-based bioethanol production facility and hold the preferred contractor status for leading bio-fuels licensors. Our interest in the renewables sector is also focused on the processing of municipal solid waste and associated waste products. Working with leading technology providers, we are currently providing engineering support to advance the development of improved liquid fuels and the use of non-food feedstocks.

Biomass CHP
Simon Carves have successfully delivered first-generation biomass-to-energy facilities. We recently completed work on the UK’s first large scale ‘wood-to-energy’ facility. Utilising waste wood as the primary feedstock for the 35MWe turbine, the plant saves more than 200,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide per year compared to an equivalent fossil fuel power station.

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Simon Carves achieved 3,000,000 manhours without Lost-Time Injury.

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