The Simon Carves Procurement Department provides services ranging from small replacement parts to large facility redevelopment projects. Our specialists are experienced in procuring equipment of all sizes across a range of sectors. With flexible delivery models, Simon Carves can provide services on a ‘for and on behalf of’ basis, or ‘pass through’ procurement. Our close links to key equipment vendors in the supply chain translate not just to familiarity with equipment and procedures, but tangible savings in cost and schedule. 

Simon Carves procurement services include:

  • Material Requisition Preparation
  • Vendor KO meetings
  • Technical Bid Analysis
  • Commercial Bid Analysis
  • Purchase Order Preparation
  • Vendor Coordination
  • Expediting and Inspection Services
  • Document Control

We also offer Order of Magnitude Estimating during Front End development work.

We aim to maintain long-standing relationships with our vendors and suppliers, which results in reliable procurement services. Contact us today for more information on how we can provide procurement support for your project. 

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Simon Carves achieved 3,000,000 manhours without Lost-Time Injury.

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