Optimisation & Expansion

In today's economic climate, it makes sense to maximise production from existing assets. We specialise in providing services that allow clients to increase production from an existing facility, improve the reliability of the plant, or allow for variations in the feedstock or product grade slate.

For example, for a 30% capacity increase for LDPE plant using ICI autoclave technology, Simon Carves can provide the following services:

  • Feasibility study and budget cost estimate
  • Process design and specification of new equipment
  • Revamp of the original Booster/Primary Compressor by fitting new cylinders
  • Installation of a new motor for the existing Booster/Primary Compressor
  • Installation of an additional Hyper Compressor complete with ancillary systems
  • Installation of new Intercoolers to service the new Hyper Compressor
  • Installation of additional Recycle Gas Coolers
  • Installation of an additional Polymer Separator
  • Upgrade and expansion of existing electrical systems
  • Upgrade and expansion of existing DCS/SIS systems
  • Specialist construction advice on site for high-pressure pipework and instrumentation

Benefits of debottlenecking and optimising studies include much lower capital expenditure and time-to-market factors, whilst also providing the possibility of meeting increased market demands without having to build a new facility.

For the past few years we have sponsored the IChemE Core Chemical Engineering Award which recognises the project or process that best demonstrates a chemical engineering solution to improve resource efficiency, lifetime value and/or process optimisation. Ensuring plants are working at maximum effectiveness is something we feel is very important and we will help clients to achieve this wherever possible.

Project Factsheets

EVS Retrofit

Project utilised laser scanning in order to produce a ‘clash free’ design in a congested area.

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