• 10Nov

    IChemE Awards 2014

    Simon Carves is a proud sponsor of the IChemE's Core Chemical Engineering Award. 

    The IChemE Awards provide a platform to ‘recognise and reward chemical engineering innovation and excellence’.1 This year the awards dinner was held at Cheltenham Racecourse, where Simon Carves were once again proud to sponsor the Core Chemical Engineering Award.

    This award recognises the project or process which best demonstrates a chemical engineering solution to improve resources efficiency, lifetime value and / or process optimisation. Simon Carves has been a proud sponsor of this award for the past few years, and we were delighted to present it to Syngergen Met Pty Ltd and the University of Queensland for their ‘Modular on-site cyanide production unit’. Their innovative development which reduces the cost of cyanide production by up to 50% and removes the dangers associated with transportation, storage and handling, also went on to win the Award for Outstanding Achievement in Chemical and Process Engineering.

    The Core Chemical Engineering Award also had two highly commended runners up this year: BASF’s ‘Decision support for sustainable process design’, and Huntsman Pigment’s ‘Improved ore yield in pigment manufacture’. Our congratulations go to all processes.

    It was a thoroughly enjoyable event, with nearly 500 guests attending from all corners of the globe. Kate Silverton made an excellent hostess, coping brilliantly with the obscure company and process names, and the opening performance from Halo was a great way to kick start the evening.

    The welcome address from Geoff Maitland, IChemE President, urged everyone to ‘shine a light on chemical engineering’, through encouraging more students to study the subject, and for more graduates to stick with the industry. With the revival of our apprenticeship scheme, Simon Carves are proud to be promoting engineering amongst the next generation and are busy developing ways to promote new innovations. We are hoping that next year might see us shortlisted for an award as well as presenting one. 


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    Posted by: Simon Carves