• 3Feb

    ASME Paper

    Our paper on Stress Distribution in Polyethylene Autoclave Reactors, is now available to download. 

    As specialist Contractors for High Pressure Polyethylene, Simon Carves have developed an expert understanding of high pressure engineering and associated piping and vessel stressing. At the ASME 2013 Pressure Vessels and Piping Conference held in Paris, three of our plant design and vessels specialists presented a paper on the ‘Assessment of Stress Distribution in a Buttress Type Connection for Polyethylene Autoclave Reactor.

    Working from a custom made Axi-symmetric finite element model, the study analysed the stress distribution in an End Cover – Buttress Strap – Cylindrical connection. The results showed the behaviour of each buttress element under the operating loads, the location of greatest local stress levels and the locations most vulnerable to ratcheting and fatigue cracking – which can be used to develop remaining life assessment and process optimisation of operating plants.

    The paper is now available to be downloaded from the ASME site, and can be accessed here

    Authors of the paper: Navid Haeri, John S. Lewis, Brian A. Cornah.

    Posted by: Simon Carves