350 Sulphuric Acid Plants Worldwide
Simon Carves offer a diverse range of chemicals technologies and are able to transfer technology from renowned providers to operating companies.

We have executed projects across a variety of diverse industrial chemicals including Chlor-Alkali, Sulphuric Acid, Titanium Dioxide and Aluminium fluoride. Our widely recognised process engineering skills are the basis of high efficient plants, using cutting-edge, cost-effective equipment and design to deliver effective solutions.


  • Approved INEOS contractor

Simon Carves are approved by INEOS to design and commission chlorine plants using their BICHLOR™ electrolyser technology. This technology, along with our design expertise is used in the conversion of existing environmentally-damaging technologies and for the construction of Greenfield projects giving minimum environmental impact and optimised operational and energy efficiency.

Sulphuric Acid
Simon Carves has built over 350 Sulphuric Acid Plants worldwide, making us one of the most experienced contractors in the world.

With specialist detailed engineering and construction knowledge, Simon Carves converts the best technology in the world into the reality of a quality plant. Not only do we work with technology from all the major industry providers, but we also possess our own sulphuric acid process and engineering expertise which has been developed from our experience on many projects.

We offer custom-designed, energy-efficient plants tailored to the clients’ specific needs, and designed to meet particular raw materials and product quality specifications in line with the latest environmental regulations. We also supply special plants for the regeneration of spent acid into fresh acid or oleum.

Our capabilities range across single and double absorption acid plants, based on various feedstocks including sulphur, smelter gas or spent acid/hydrogen sulphide and ranging from 20 to 2900 MTPD. We can also provide plant retrofits or plant studies; helping to optimise the production capacity of old or existing plants.

Phosphoric Acid & Fertiliser Products
Simon Carves have also supplied plants for the production of intermediate chemicals, including Phosphoric Acid, for fertiliser manufactures as well as the finished product.

Used in SSP/TSP Fertiliser units, phosphate rock is reacted with Sulphuric Acid, producing phosphoric acid which is required for the manufacturing of these fertiliser products.

Simon Carves use Bradley Broadfield Den acidulating unit for this process which provides operating flexibility along with world class reliability.

Speciality Chemicals
Simon Carves involvement in speciality chemicals and related industries extends from the early 1970s and includes fine chemicals, dyestuffs, additives, agrochemicals and photochemicals. Projects in the speciality chemical industry typically feature flexibility of production, operator involvement fast implementation, integration with existing facilities and high product quality.

Project Factsheets

Gulf Fluor

The Plant began commercial production on May 5th 2015.  This complex is the first of its kind in the region, and the fifth largest aluminium fluoride complex in the world, capable of producing: 60kta aluminium fluoride, 140kta sulphuric acid, 54kta hydrofluoric acid, with an additional water purification plant.

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